Every person should have the chance to feel what it is to surf. From young, old, beginner, pro, fit, unfit, blind, deaf or other disabilities. With my experience I have a large range of knowledge that i can pass to you, on any level.

Hotzone Private Surf Coaching offers a variety of classes on all levels. Above you will find detailed information by each level.


When you come to learn the basics of surfing with Hotzone private surf coaching I will ensure you get the best introduction to the sport possible matching your desires to the most appropriate conditions available that day. During our search together for the right waves, or before we start the lesson, we will have a brief talk about your history with other sports and your connection with the ocean. After this induction process we begin the lesson with information about the chosen surf spot at which you will get your first feeling of gliding with the waves. I will give you a brief introduction to the equipment we will use and the board I have selected for you. At this point we warm up and you will learn the difference between being caught by the waves and properly catching the waves. Once you can catch a wave by yourself we move on to the next step. Depending on how your timing is and the way you behave in the water -I will either leave out or add certain steps to get the most out of the session and raise your ability level and water confidence as much as possible whilst always having lots of fun along the way. We will end the session with an exchange of feedback from the day.

After all these years of teaching it still gives me the greatest of pleasures to water the seed of surfing and then follow how this seed grows into a fully developed and confident surfer. In some cases clients have even become competent surf teachers themselves and have opened surf schools around the world and help spread the passion.


If you already have some experience in the water You can book the intermediate surf lesson. Whether you want me to fine tune your pop-up technique or improve your skills in the line- up i can help. Whilst looking for the surf spot that best suits your skills I will talk you through the spots we pass and you can tell me which things you would like to specifically work on that day. Although surfing is booming I will do my best to find the less crowded spots. Mostly we will work on catching more waves and longer rides which helps make you a better surfer. Of course, if you would like to work on more radical turns, floaters, 360’s etc. I can be of assistance with pleasure, regardless if you ride a shortboard or a longboard – its no problem. You can choose from a wide selection of surfboards – 5’4” to 9’6”.

No matter if you have one week or 10 years experience, it always gives me joy to provide you with the exact information and tips to help you improve further – this ensures you get the very most out of your surf trip and take this knowledge with you to your home spot or your next surf destination.


As a former competition surfer myself I can prepare you on how to cope with stress whilst competing and learn to improve your scores. Nutrition, fitness and mindset will be structured for more confidence during competitions.


Longboard surfing is a synonym for good vibes, a loose attitude, and relaxed wave riding. As a progressive old school longboard surfer I can show you the ropes in longboard surfing. From catching more waves to nose rides, cross steps, reverse take offs and 180 shove-it. You tell me what you would like to work on and I will help to get you there.


The main focus here will be to feel comfortable in big waves. With various programs you will become more confident with big conditions. Physical schemes in big wave surfing involve breath training. This helps to improve lung capacity, cardiovascular health, aids in keeping calm through wipeouts. Yoga training helps the body make efficient use of oxygen, as well. We work on the breathing, mindset and strategies that will help you survive in big conditions.


If you like to have a good time with your whole family or a few family members, we can to the beach together. The nice thing is that while you have fun and learn something new, your kids will be safe and have a great time either on the board or on the beach.


We make sure you will have a great time. I will provide a tailored program that fits your needs. Safety, fun and reaching unexpected goals in life are the central aspects in these lessons. It has been shown that being in contact with the elements is very strongly positive for the mind, body and your self-esteem.


Hotzone private surf video coaching offers an engaging and highly effective method to help you progress with your surfing and surf experience.

As always, I will look for the very best surf conditions on the day to suit your ability level and record your techniques and moves on video from the shore.

After the session we will have a close look at the footage together and analyze in more detail elements such as reading the conditions and wave choices, surf technique and your surf style amongst many others. I will sit down with you and give you both verbal and written feedback with tips and ideas for improvement and for your enhanced levels of surf enjoyment in the future. Hotzone private video surf coaching can be used for beginner surfers, intermediate surfers and advanced surfers.


A relatively new addition to my services as a direct result of clients wishing to keep progressing with their surf but restricted for travel in 2021 between our private coaching lessons.

Hotzone private remote video surf coaching has proven to be a great and innovative tool for surf progression at any level and at any location of your choice.

Very similar to video surf coaching techniques just that you forward your surf video or videos for me to review remotely

I will have a close look and make notes on every action that can use some tips.

After this I will share my notes with you by means of a personal call (duration of one hour) via Skype or similar.

Whether you are a beginner surfer, intermediate surfer, or advanced surfer. Remote video private surf coaching is the way to improve your skills whilst surfing on your home beach or being on a surf trip anywhere around the world.

Hotzone remote surf coaching can also be of assistance in finding the best conditions and spots on your surf trip that you undertake by yourself and so help you to get the most out of your surf trip.